Giving Intelligence Teams an AI-powered advantage

With AI trained to uncover business contexts, map competitive environments and predict emerging trends, ReportLinker gives Market Intelligence Teams an unmatched advantage.

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Why choose ReportLinker?

Powered by state-of-the-art AI, our unique market intelligence platform is trained to track critical insights from multiple internal and external sources.

Reduce the risk of missing key data

by automating your MI and CI tasks. With ReportLinker, you can simultaneously track multiple companies, sectors, topics and territories across countless sources.

“Automation is a great time-saver and is really useful in my daily intelligence tasks.”

Director of Knowledge Management

Avoid information overload

with AI trained to understand business and competitive contexts. ReportLinker allows you to go beyond keyword search and deliver insights with unprecedented accuracy.

“This saves a ton of time. It changes a search to a laser-focused search.”

VP Digital Commerce

Spot emerging trends

with learning algorithms trained to detect early signals. ReportLinker helps you stay ahead of competitors and drive innovation through your organization.

"It provides answers that the user may not think about.”

Senior Manager, Market Intelligence

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